• Ashley T. Martinez

3 Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing in a Pandemic

Updated: Apr 19

In difficult economic times, it is imperative for freelancers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to actively communicate with their current, past and potential new clients. If there is one lesson that has been reinforced for us over the past few weeks in quarantine, its that how we communicate and show up online is more important than ever. With orders to continue social distancing and isolation through the spring, your presence online and digital communication efforts might be the difference between keeping your business alive or reopening in the coming weeks and months.

For most small business owners, planning, creating, and implementing a digital marketing strategy is a foreign concept, let alone a time consuming one. Where do you start? Below are three actions you can take today to improve your online presence and digital marketing efforts.

1. Get Active on Social Media – If you have social media accounts and haven’t posted in a while, start posting today. Make it your goal to post 1-2 per day for the next week. Update your profile bio and contact information. Update your profile photo with your business logo. If you are using a personal account on Instagram, switch to a professional account to receive insights, and call to action buttons so your visitors and clients can easily contact you.

If you do not have a social media presence, don’t worry, create one today. It is common for small business owners to be too busy running the business that they neglect this aspect of their marketing plan. We recommend that all businesses have a minimum of 2-3 social media accounts. Create a profile and business account on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, in that order. Depending on your business, other social media platforms might be more beneficial, but for most businesses these three are key.

2. Create a Content Calendar for the Month of April – Once you’ve updated or established your social media profiles, sit down with a calendar for the month of April and plan out your content. I know this may sound daunting, but an hour or two of investment now will help organize your activity and discipline your message for the days to come. In a normal economic environment, we recommend that businesses identify themes that are seasonal, reflect current events, or target things that matter to your clients. When crafting your message and content for the month, ask yourself these three questions: “What do I want my clients to know, what do I want my clients to do, and what do I want my clients to remember.”

When drafting your content calendar for the month, don’t forget to consider and include Instagram and Facebook stories. While stories have been around for some time, individuals, brands and businesses use this function frequently and its a great way to get potential new clients to get to know your brand.

A quick note about content: We would be remised if we did not say that in our current environment, please be aware of the current state of affairs and take this into consideration when drafting your messages. If you need help or want someone to review, please message us and we would be happy to review and provide feedback.

3. Send a Personalized Message and Your Newsletter to Your Current and Past – Back-end marketing, e.g. reaching out to people that know you, like you, and trust you, is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to maintain business and generate leads and referrals. If you haven’t done so already, send a personalized email to your current and past clients and let them know how you and your business are doing and that you are available to help them. Make sure you include your current contact information and ways they can reach you.

Tell them that you will keep them up to date on you and your business via your newsletter moving forward. If you have not sent one out before, set a day for this month that it will go out and start creating content now.

If you have not been collecting your customers emails, implement a plan to do so moving forward. To build your initial list, reach out to your customers via text message, Instagram or Facebook messenger and tell them you are thinking about them and ask if it’s okay to keep them updated via your monthly newsletter. Nine times out of ten, people that you’ve worked with will share their email address with you.

Bonus: Update Your Website – This is something we see all the time. Outdated websites, graphics, information, you name it. Use this opportunity to update your website with your most current information. When updating your “About” page or “Services” page, think of the type of work you do, but also the type of work you want moving forward.

If you have any questions about how to create a social media profile, effective content creation strategies, how to build a newsletter or how to update your website, please contact us today via email at or through our contact form here. We are here to help.

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