• Ashley T. Martinez

How to Promote Your Kindle Book on Facebook

Updated: Apr 19

We’ve recently worked with several authors that ask one of the two following questions:

  • How do I promote my Kindle book on Facebook?

  • How do I interact with people in Facebook groups?

We see authors have the most success when they post in genre-specific Facebook groups versus posting in general “market your book” groups. These groups tend to have hundreds if not thousands of authors that trying to do the same as you – promote their Kindle book. We’ve witnessed some groups average over 50 posts per day and the likelihood of your post promoting your kindle book being seen is very low.

We encourage our authors to authentically engage and interact with the readers in the genre groups. How do you do that? Ask and answer questions that come up as both posts and in the comment section. Share a funny story or an update about what you’re working on next. Comment on trends you’re seeing in the genre. The point is to be active and authentic.

In addition to promoting your kindle book on Facebook, we also recommend sharing links to your book on Twitter, and excerpts of the book(s) on Instagram so people get a taste of what to expect with your writing.

Newsletter swaps are also an effective “non-social media” strategy to help promote your kindle book.

Network and reach out to other authors in your genre or in a genre that you enjoy. Build a relationship with them and ask them if they would be interested in promoting your book in their newsletter in exchange for promoting yours in an upcoming newsletter. This is a great way to get another set of readers to learn more about you upcoming releases or updates about current events in your life.

Promoting your Kindle book on Facebook is not hard, it just takes consistent work.

Do you currently use Facebook to promote your Kindle book? Have you tried any of these techniques?

Please share this post on your author page or in a Facebook group to help other authors promote their Kindle book.

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