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Social Media Management Firm: Why You Should Hire One and Why It Should Be CDN Creative

Updated: Apr 19

Certainly, as Co-Founder of CDN Creative, I am biased on this topic. But, I also have a unique perspective, working for over 12 years with a wide variety of individuals and clients, including athletes, authors, Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, startups, trade associations, and a government agency as a lobbyist and public affairs professional.

It’s no secret that social media has become one of the most powerful brand-building tools of all-time – but only if managed and utilized correctly. Once viewed as a lower-tier strategy to be pursued on the “edges of the day”, social media is now an important component of any communications and marketing plan that is enabling individuals and organizations to grow their brand, businesses and presence with the push of a button.

Make no mistake, creating consistent and compelling content is work, and what I have learned in my career is that, 99% of the time, it makes more sense for influencers, startups, and small to medium companies to retain an outside social media manager as opposed to hiring full-time in-house staff or asking a current employee to do it “when they have time.”

However, not every branding and digital content firm is equipped to serve in this capacity. Here’s why.

CDN Creative is well positioned for this outside social media manager role. No, we are not just a branding and digital content firm, although we have worked with and managed accounts for a wide array of successful businesses, individuals and organizations. And no, we are not just a graphic and web design firm, although we have created both products for multi-million dollar organizations and trade associations.

What we have, compared to traditional digital content and marketing firms is “in-the-trenches” experience of telling stories in high-stakes situations in a way that resonates and creates opportunities for our clients to connect and create value for their consumers and in turn, growing their business and reputation.

When we created CDN Creative, we began with over a decade of real and professional experience each in these fields. My team has served both as employees and as consultants for industries, including but not limited to athletes, authors, cannabis businesses, labor unions, real estate agents and property managers, public transportation agencies, energy infrastructure companies, pet care, and more. Through our experiences, we have developed a unique perspective, approach and ability to serve as a quarterback for individuals and companies that need social media and branding services.

So why an outside social media manager?

Hiring an employee is an investment – in terms of both time and financial resources – for any size business, especially those that small to medium organizations. In our experience, owners of smaller to medium companies either tried to take on the social media duties themselves or forgo it all together. Given the importance of social media in today’s world, especially in a post-COVID world, leveraging the power of social media and other digital channels to tell your story is more important than ever.

We work collaboratively with the owner(s) and team to seamlessly integrate our approach with the culture and flow of the organization. Our communication style and commitment to creating positive results drives us and drives outcomes for our clients.

And hiring outside social media managers is not just for small and medium sized businesses. In my experience, large agencies and firms hire both in-house AND outside social media managers to stay connected with their clients and consumers. They don’t leave their brand or reputation to chance, so why should individuals and small/medium businesses and organizations?

Our clients usually start with one-time projects, that turn into long-term relationships. This may sound cliche, but we love the work we do and would love to serve in the outside social media manager role for you.

If you would like to learn more about these services, please email us.

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